What We Do

We utilize the latest sciences and cutting edge hands-on, personalized care to help achieve your optimal health and wellness potential. As skincare and massage specialists, we understand the demands of your  health and fitness lifestyle. We partner with you to maintain, correct and improve your over all appearance with exceptional products in facials and skincare. With our massage therapies maintenance treatment plans , weither your seeking restorative treatments for mind & body or for the athletes to prevent injuries, relieve pain, and improve performance by identifying the source of the problem, treating the body as a whole, and correcting training strategies.

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Our Facilities

We have a quaint facility with the ocean just out our door. Nestled in the Neighborhood right off of Sunset Cliffs Blvd.  A destination to escape from  stresses of the day. We 5 treatment rooms, shower and a peaceful and cozy garden patio for lounging, spa party and events.

Client Testimonials

Meet Liz

Liz Trejo Licensed Cosmetologist & State and Board Certified Massage Therapist.
Sunset Cliffs Skincare & Spa Therapy located in Peak Performance Holistic Therapies in Ocean Beach, California. Bringing you 25 years of experience Liz has been offering a full range of services; facials, massage, waxing, spray tanning, skincare, spa body, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and dermalplaning. 

Being a skincare and massage therapist is just a job for some, but for Liz the healing art is a calling. dedicated and committed to my clients' health and well being. 

10AM - 6PM M-F, 8AM - 3PM Sat   619,933.2671


Learn More about Liz's Spa Experience

I had stress, that stress caused pain, and that pain led me to my favorite massage therapist...Liz. She's got great hands and is never too heavy or too light, but just right like Goldilocks. She's been doing it for awhile so, she's dialed in, intuitively speaking. I had some particularly stubborn knot squatters, so I'm on a weekly thing until we reign victorious.
What I like about Liz is she has great suggestion on a lot of stuff, muscles, skin care, hair removal and even pilates!
She's a gem...find her!

Elle D.

Liz is awesome.  I've had peels and microdermabrasion with Liz and my skin always looks amazing afterward!  The environment is relaxing and I always feel rejuvenated afterwards!

Tara B.